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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Zealand - May 2012: Day 6

Day 6 Queenstown

today's plan was Shot over Jet!
Cooked breakfast in the morning , scrambled eggs , sausages. Amy was not feeling too well with cough and uncomfortable eyes :(
Shot over jet was quite cool, similar to the 4WD we had at Mount cook but on water.. There were times we thought we were going to crash into the granite but the boat swerved away! with us on the ride was some adventurous elderly - never too old to have fun!

popular and delicious cookies!


After that we went to the below zero ice bar.. At minus 5 deg! Amy got us cheap tickets at $17, depending on timings. 




Pretty cool place (pun not intended) and we had lots of fun running around and taking funny pictures!

Dinner was at a Korean restaurant in the city. 

Again i felt giddy due to the lack of air :( blacked out when I went out for a breather and had the Korean ahjuuma running to me asking if I'm okay.
Couldn't see and hear properly and had to get some fresh air :(

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