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Friday, December 14, 2012

New Zealand - May 2012: Day 3

Day 3 Mount Cook - Temp 4deg

Fashion for the day :D

Just a bit more of Tekapo--


Mount Cook is about 1.5hr from tekapo.. the bus drivers in NZ double as tour guides who give explanations apparently...


SNOW! Lovely snow mountains. Thank god it snowed (only reached the mountains, not us haha) :)

Hiked key point as it was the shortest... lol



It was a longggg hike... but we were finally here at Key Point :D
Viewing area... wow~



After that, we hiked back and looked for activities to do before our bus trip back.

went for a 4wheel drive with Graeme! saw the most amazing stuff! ice glaciers... said to be melting at high speed due to global warming =(



Graeme was so cool.. I highly recommend this activity to anyone going there!!!

Wrote postcards for friends and took the ride back to Tekapo..

Night activity was Earth and Sky observatory. This was the day I fell in love with astronomy. I love the stars, the signs, the planets. It's a pity we can't see a lot in Singapore..


We got drove up the mountain with lights (only red lights allowed). apparently light interferes with the machines they use to view stars. I saw lots of the horoscope stars like Scorpio etc. and many planets like Saturn! I'm officially in love with astronomy :)

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