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Monday, December 17, 2012

New Zealand - May 2012: Day 4 & 5

Day 4 Lake Wanaka


Hung out at lake tekapo in the morning, having an sumptuous breakfast at Run 77.

It took us around 4hours to get to Wanaka!! Reached Wanaka late in the evening as we managed to secure a later but cheaper bus trip. It was too late to do anything so we relaxed by the lake side and took some pictures.



Joanne's camera super zoom :O

Had dinner at subway cos we couldn't decide what to eat, and went to the supermarket to get some snacks.


Base hostel was well equipped, there was personal tv and toilet, with shared tv lounge, kitchen and laundry. around $40 per person.

Day 5 Wanaka/Queenstown

The next morning we had a simple breakfast (footlong left from dinner) by the lakeside again, watching the ducks. Then we went to puzzling world, a 20-25mins walk from the city.



the maze which we spent about 45 mins and completed all 4 colour routes.


We then took the 4:30PM bus to Queenstown, where Amy stayed.

it is really a city different from where we had been. Went for dinner at Winnie's, arguably the best pizza I have ever had in my life.

Tri factor, cranberry and Brie.

Walked around in town, bought souvenirs, wanted to take a stroll but decided it was too cold! The bus driver said the temp was -2deg that night. NZ's weather is crazy huh? Amy's house was cold too , but it was a pretty decent place I can't complain.

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