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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Wonderland 31.12.12 - Seoul [Day 5]

31 Dec 2012 - Day 5: SEOUL
Dragon Hill Spa, Noryanjin, BIG Dumplings, N Seoul Tower, Hongdae

We are back at Jimjilbang!! we need to relax after walking so much these few days!
Look at this post for more info on Dragon Hill Spa: --

My favourite eggs 

at the Finnish spa

our favourite sun chips and drink-sikhye! must order when we are here

the ice room (as if the weather is not cold enough....)

To complete the seafood experience in Seoul, there's Noryanjin for you!
Noryanjin is a seafood market right here in Seoul.. you can purchase fresh seafood and get the restaurants to cook up a meal for you!

I think we got conned by these Chinese vendors (the store in picture) who tried to play on the fact that they can speak Mandarin... sigh our first time! don't be stupid like us ~ please watch them take the fresh seafood... I suspect our Hoe sashimi were not fresh. Octopus came dead and not squirmy too - got them to change it for us.. despite this I really loved the octopus with sesame seasoning!! don't be afraid of it =) we didn't  eat much over there because we wanted to go try the BIG dumplings featured in the Korean drama BIG.. hehe ^^

nice view from the bridge leading to Noryanjin!

at the dumpling restaurant. yummy! big dumplings with noodles shared by 4 person. i think it's about 20,000 won?

Frankly speaking, we had no concrete plans for countdown. i had no idea where to countdown even doing some online research. My Korean friends say they spend it in the church... not exactly what I was looking for..

Back to Myeongdong. 

sounds good!


tastes good too!! this is located at Myeongdong subway station.

wow what's this crowd!! 

SURPRISE! free hugs event by university students!!! it's AWESOME. they formed a huge line with girls and guys giving out free hugs.. some of them are just so cute ^^

too cool!! of course i will join in :D

look at the crowd! the people giving the hugs were so many already! imagine adding those who were going through the lines to receive the hugs!

he's so cute he told me to take a picture of him!!


meanwhile parents were relaxing at O'sulloc Tea place..

After researching, we decided to go to the Bell-striking event at Bosingak (more information here) to do a countdown. Boy, were there many people!  there was performances before the big countdown...

friends from Taiwan!


a video of the countdown:

sorry it's really shaky because the Koreans are really tall and I was really struggling to take footage..


this picture is just to show the many "luminous" guards they have on standby!

although it was very cold, the atmosphere and cheering made it a little more bearable =)

Happy New Year everyone!!

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