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Friday, January 16, 2009

Oota and Tomita



Ota-san and Tomita-san likes to people-watch. We were on the Dhoby Ghaut travelator and they stood on it and watched the people walking pass. I didn't know what was so interesting because it's not exactly the best place to people watch.. and so Tomita-san explained that the both of them like to rate girls with grades A,B,C,D. (Does Alistair and Danny do that too? haha) No wonder they kept mumbling alphabets. they rated me a A- Japanese Face (and insist A- is better than A.. yeah right haha).. whether it was real or not it made me happy hahahhaa. maybe if i grow taller it would become an

Ota Takeshi, 23 years old.
Attached. 'Cos Tomita-san says his gf won't kiss him because he smokes. He protested. Hahaha.
But I didn't smell anything. Maybe too far away.

Tomita. Married. 55 years old.
Loves that Lion Dance ornament but too expensive.
18 bucks!"If it's 15 I'll buy."
Ota-san says Ojisan is like that. If it's 15 bucks then he will say "if it's 10 i will buy." hahha

Sketching. I always feel cheated when I buy things from Chinese.
They say one price then when the transaction ends they quote another. It happened in China too. KAO!!
15 dollars became 25 dollars. Not very alike also. I think Billy draws better can. No need money somemore.Tension down.
Anyway Tomita-san fell asleep halfway... me too. while waiting. haha

Ota-san and me while waiting. my face was red from beer. hahahhaha..
recently i like the taste of beer. drink like soft drink, then sleep. hahaaha

Tomita ojisan sleeping....

Dhoby Ghaut Travelator(?)

That ends our night adventure~
edit: Ota-san bought 4 little cow plushies for 10 bucks. he gave me one and sold one to Tomita-san for 2 bucks. haha. what nonsense..

me with chibi-ushi. should i name it takeushi? maybe beer-ushi. hha whatever...

was surfing (Ota-san's company website) and I found this pic (third from left).. wahahaha.. nerd! actually last year he came with specs.. but this pic is hilarious la... like rb7 group photo.. haha

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