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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kyushu Fair 2008

overdue photos!
Kyushu Fair , Sept19~29


'Ba-O' Otousan, Dozono-san.
Why is he my 'otousan'(father)?
Because of similarity in height. haha!

we were discussing about sounds that elephants make.
very interesting....

1 box of Kuroki for $18

going off for dinner at Rakuzen, Millenia Walk.
Kuroki-san's works there so we always go there. 2nd time already.
But she went back Japan this time, so we didn't get to meet her.

Due to F1, roads were blocked and we alighted at Raffles Hotel.
Took a picture of the famous hotel anyway.
Moo-chan closed her eyes :(


serious chatting over at the other side.
Hilarious Mizuno-san and Moo-chan (why is she called Moo? her surname is 牛水, which roughly translates to "Cow Water")

food is here!

softshell crab sushi

i think it's octopus. i can't rmb..

tofu salad, good!


grilled items!!
the mushroom was good... actually all were nice..

GINDARA cod fish!!!
I ate a lot of it, my favourite.
and they were all very nice people, keep 'pushing' food to us.
yay =D

cheeesy cheese

playing with tokki

Otousan does a mean mimick of elephants and their footsteps.
hear it to believe it!

talking to tokki now.. haha

pouring her troubles to tokki

finger shadow

When Japanese (shops) were done for the day, staff will say 'otsukaresama' to each other,
meaning 'you have worked hard'.
and when we went almost done with our meals, the staff started to shout 'otsukaresama' to each other very loudly that we could hear them in the room.
My friends got very angry and in a while we left..
why ne?

they called the manager (Japanese-speaking local) over and told her that it is extremely rude to say 'otsukaresama' in front of customers. This act is indirectly telling the customers 'we are closing, please leave' which is DA-ME!
to the extent that they told the manager that they will never come again.

so angry ><
i was shocked too. but it was really loud, the volume they were shouting at.
bad ending to a good night. sigh.

Thursday Private Sale
something happened in the morning of thurs.
should i blog about it? hmmm

well there was a fire(by korokke boss), and although it was put out quickly, business was unable to resume at 10am. Supermarket opened at 11am= business lost.
Floor was covered with carpet and I helped out. The oil made the whole floor of the supermarket oily and was a hazard.

opened at 11am. 10am+11am crowd. there were so many people.

stalls in the middle were unable to operate until 3pm, which resulted in big loss of business!!
I felt very sad for them, but the Korokke boss was equally guilty.
minna ganbare~~

finally resuming work. but dunno what moo-chan was doing.

octopus legs


amazing knife sharpening tool. ah ma still uses stone. haha.

Kawaji-san told me a secret about the fishcake boss.
he doesn't wash clothes,hahaha....
he shared a room with him and he almost suffocated.

see the sadness in korokke's boss's eyes?

Kuroki-san still smiling in the background.
He was telling me private sale day is big day for him, but in the end business.... sigh.

They didn't blame him at all, and even brought him food and beer for dinner.
So nice!! But I mean friends for so long...

the next few days Kiki came along..

Kiki and Otousan

blueberry vinegar with milk. tastes like blueberry yogurt, very good!

only Kiki will do such things in a supermarket

Kawaji-san's friend from their hotel, Ikkyo-san.


Mizuno-san who has a pair of pants with hole in the inner thigh very near the 'ahem'.
i didn't dare to take a pic of it, but he keeps asking me whether it is sexy and whether it makes me excited. like HUH!? crazy fellow.. haha

funny guy Mizuno

me in F1 attire. didn't work for this fair was due to F1.

Last Day of Fair
slightly swollen eyes cos I cried =.=
so sad~~

Tanabe-san with her super popular, always-sold-out Yuzu Tea

drink with Kuroki.
taught him some things about his iPod.

crazy people..

my mum says Kuroki-san has a very cute face. haha

Otousan.Otousan is super muscular. got big 'mouse' on the arm.

Hama-chan, grew so thin >.<
Bring my old Hama-chan back please!
he gives me a piece of snake skin every year. said to ward off bad luck.

Pretty lady boss and boss.


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