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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

21st Birthday (2)

Part 2 Bday was spent with the 3 bears and Goldilocks..
i mean us 3 siblings, and mummy.. hahaha...

watched Madagascar 2 sneak preview at Lido; it was good entertainment!
very funny and cute 1 and a 1/2 hours.. i enjoyed the movie thoroughly!
so much I wanna learn Alex's butterfly moves.. awesome!!

then we headed to Wheelock Place for Sakae Sushi.. (just because I have a birthday voucher)

the 3 bears took turn purposely posed ugly so that Goldilocks couldn't take good pictures..

the shirt was a bday present from rb7 a few years ago..

the weird faces..

i tried to do the Alex's roar and butterfly moves but goldlilocks knew I was going to do it and didn't snap..
a series of what the 3 bears deemed successful shots but what goldlilocks thought were bad shots..

it was his idea..

this was my idea..
but i really hate frogs..
i didn't dare to touch the "eyes" of the mouse..

brother trying out the cyril magic trick..

brother looks like danny choo with his flat hair!
everytime exams are nearing he goes into this tattered look.. and considerable amount of white hair will sprout from the crowd of his hair.. but i heard from the small bear that once he relaxs and plays maplestory for a long time the haird grows black back...

anyway i am really glad korkor came out to have fun with us today cos he's always so stressed about school exams.. and he seldom come out with us... so yeah..

brother said he wanted to see mac coms so we walked to the Apple Shop..
and guess what?
they got me an ipod nano!! :) [although i told myself i will never get an ipod or succumb to the Apple craze]
I took years to choose the colour though..
i saw red colour in japan but it wasn't available here..but anyway i chose silver in the end..

bro wants a mac com.. no money leh korkor..

happy day :)

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