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Thursday, May 21, 2009

day of glory

I've officially graduated from

The Tourism Academy @ Sentosa.


Graduation Ceremony 2009
19 May 2009

C11 and C12

Got the silver ribbons for mum and brother too.
they got to sit nearer the stage :)

At the VIP room
for guests and silver ribbons

Award winners from TAS

The Family

CX Spirit :)

Miss Susila rocks!!

The real winner

Judy! CX Asst. Sales Manager

Finally got out of the room and proceeded to the library to meet the rest of my friends..

Beth. YS

The Chui Ar Group
Fighting throughout the 2 years

Mr Eugene Lee!

Jessica traumatising Mr Lou and Mr Dillon

With Miss Susila

BFF/BFG Yogi.. haha

Doni doing the slam dunk
Rico the star jump

we suck at jump shots. bah.

The Hakka people

HTB 5 Award Winners :)
List of Winners
Some of them are really amazing,
imagine their prize money!!

Award Winners from
Culinary and Catering Mgmt, Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt,
Hospitality and Tourism Business, Leisure and Resort Mgmt.

Miss Balloon

My hard work ^^

Went for dinner at Modesto's..
Fabulous food + Great Company.
(No pictures, busy eating, haha)

Some shots at home:
Ah ma =)

The Kazoku

Going to Sentosa Campus

Bumped into Mr Seah.. Gah!

Happy :)

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