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Monday, May 18, 2015

A little bit of SG in Japan #2

sushi at Tsukiji. Arrived at 730am and the queue for Sushi Dai was 6 hours -_- and Sushi Daiwa sold out?! I wouldn’t wait so long for something I’m not sure of .. Plus I had school. Why are tourists so crazy for sushi I don’t understand. 6 hours? 6 hours can fly to Taipei and back already. So we gave up and went Ryu Sushi (I wonder how many of them gave up after we left???) Thought it was a little expensive (4300yen) but very fresh ingredients. The heart felt a little lighter after finally having “sushi at Tsukiji” and we were actually able to see the market properly. Stopped by a crockery store, ate one of the most amazing chilled tamagoyaki 400yen at 大定 (more satisfying than sushi, sorry…), and 100 yen yakitori. Good to start the day early but omg, I really felt the fatigue in the afternoon… Edit: sushi daiwa is cheaper and beats sushi Ryu hands down. Sorry!

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