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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend trip to Kagoshima 2/3

Started the day with exploring the hotel..

Plastic sheet for umbrella

Pants Press

Erm, adult video ...

Takeshi and Uin came to pick me up to Dozono san's house!

Barbeque!!!! at Dozono-san’s house. It also acts as the production place of tatamis for Dozono san’s tatami family business.

It was a tight journey to his “inaka” house and we were greeted by Koitaro (koi as in koi fish) 鯉太郎 the dog. He was like barking the whole time we were there. 

Grilled mochi!!!

Hard to explain but just imagine everything as wonderfully delicious!!! Dozono san caught the fishes yesterday. And the White round pieces are homemade Mochi. Grill it with soya sauce + a piece of seaweed and you get really delicious mochi!! The agemono fried items were really good too. Real food and not hotdogs and crab sticks.. I’m loving the countryside ^_^

 yomogi Mochi


more pics of food - yakimochi, yomogi Mochi, 店長’s baby Sana chan, Uin chan who came from Kumamoto, super delicious tomato which cost 4 for 200yen, another fish caught by Dozono… And Kao Liang liquor!!!

Flowers from Hinako chan

baseball with Ryo chan, playtime with Hinako chan and finally hot spring with Hinako! (Nishizono san’s kids). Hina chan is soooooo cute and Ryoya is really direct about everything! When one of us couldn’t get the toy he commented what are you doing! なにしてんだよ! LOL

the day ended with dinner at Satsuma Kitchen Hiro again :) Nishizono san and Fukuda san’s wives came too. Nishizono san’s wife was really pretty and she is pregnant with her third child right now :) I sat at the “kids and wives table” LOL

love love love the 黒豚角煮!!!! Befriended Fukuda san’s kids Kippei 桔平 and Yuzuyu柚友. 

Yuzuyu is a really mature kid, she was fun to hang out! She plays tennis! Hinako chan kind of got distracted the whole night by YouTube.. And Ryo chan said I was pretty hahaha.
Everyone was nice. I like nice :)

We left about 3 hours later at 10pm and I went back to my hotel. I entered the lift with a man, and 3 ladies. The man pressed 7th level but didn’t get out. I thought maybe he got his level wrong and was going to 10th level with me. Then I remembered my level is a all-ladies level, so there is no possibility that he was staying on 10th floor. After a lady exited on 7th level, he spoke to me and asked me if I am scared being alone?!! with a smile and fanning a foldable paper fan in his hand. I was like whatttt?! And remained silent until 10th floor. I exited but he didn’t and went to another level. I quickly got into my room and texted Kuroki san. I didn’t expect this to happen in a hotel but.. There are different kinds of people I guess.

ALMOST everyone was nice :) Need to prepare myself for more of such girigiri experiences in Japan.

Good night!

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