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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend trip to Kagoshima 1/3

Kagoshima for the weekend! It is forecast to rain for the next 2 days but hopefully it won’t be heavy so our barbecue plans can go on !!! (By the way the weather forecast is really accurate. This morning they said it will be humid and hot - usually it’s hot but not humid, you don’t perspire, but it was really humid and warm today! Crazily spot on. Sometimes Singapore cannot even accurately tell if it’s rain or sunny..) anyway I love jelly drinks ….. My 3rd one on this trip .. :P

Arrived at Kagoshima safely! it was 2 hours flight. studying on the plane haha~ the photo was blurred because at that moment I took the photo there was turbulence. Before the plane took flight, the captain announced that if the weather was bad at Kagoshima, the plane would return to Haneda airport!??? What a shocking statement. Luckily the rain stopped but there was still turbulence right till we descended. By the way I wonder why for the second cup of drink I requested, it came with a cap… Anyone??? (Edit: the answer was probably in my passage, which is the fear of spillage due to turbulence!! Reminds me of bird’s story of his spillage of Coca Cola onboard..LOL)

bus to Kagoshima city GO! it was the last bus at 9:20pm o.O some people couldn’t get on the bus.. Which means they will have to spend 12000yen on taxi…?!!

Sun Days Inn just 20 steps away from Satsuma Kitchen Hiro in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima city. We were welcomed by the rain when we arrived, which has been falling all day. Bought an umbrella from the convenience store like everyone else did, and made our way to Kuroki’s restaurant.

Got a super shocking pleasant surprise when I saw Uin and Takeshi! They drove 3 hours from Kumamoto to Kagoshima to join us for the weekend (it would have took 40 mins by Shinkansen). Actually I just saw them during Golden Week when we visited Kumamoto but they said they probably couldn’t make it due to work.. But here they are!! Uin apparently quitted her tough job too. I am so glad to see familiar faces !!! ^____^ adjusting to school life has been kind of tough this first week.. :/ 

First time to the new restaurant!!!


Anyway had amazing food such as chicken sashimi 鳥刺身 and braised black pork 黒豚角煮!!! Made tons and tons of funny and private jokes with the 店長. Never feel so happy and at ease since the day my sister left. Left at 2am.. Meeting at 10am for BBQ tomorrow, probably in the rain!! Let’s forget the city worries, have fun and start next week anew!!! 

(By the way the peanut which acts as the chopstick rest.. is a real peanut.. LOL)

Few pictures of the hotel~

Just thought her fashion sense was DAMN!

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